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Travel Policy

Travel of Officers, Members of the Board and Committee Members shall be limited to that which is necessary to carry out the duties of the office held. Such travel shall be within funding levels approved by the Board in the annual budget. 


Authorized travel shall be at the expense of Carolinas Council subject to certain limitations as follows:

  1. If travel is by private conveyance, reimbursement supported by detailed mileage records shall be limited to the current rate approved by the IRS and should not exceed the cost by common carrier. 
  2. If travel is by air, reimbursement shall be limited to tourist or coach fares unless such space is not available. 
  3. If travel is by rail, reimbursement shall be limited to first class Pullman parlor or lower birth. 


Subsistence allowances and other expenses shall be limited to reimbursement of actual expenses; provided, however, receipts are to be secured for all expense of items of $15 or more. Costs other than subsistence incidental to trips may include taxi fare, official telephone calls, gratuities, telegrams, secretarial services, and similar items incident to and required by the performance of official business of the Carolinas Council.  


Request for reimbursement of travel expenses should be forwarded to the Treasurer for review and payment. Normally, reimbursement request will be accompanied by the original invoice and/or other such required supporting documents, except in cases where reimbursement to the member's Agency is requested. In this case photocopies of the invoice and/or other documents are acceptable.

The treasurer will review the requests for accuracy and pay only those claims that are in compliance with this policy and which payment will not result in exceeding the budgeted approved amount for the party involved. All other claims for reimbursement must be approved by the Board.

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