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HUD Quick Links

Code of Federal Regulations: 2 CFR Part 225 - Cost Principals for State, Local and Indian Government

Code of Federal Regulations: 2 CFR Part 200.318-.326:  Procurement Standards

OMB circular A-133

Code of Federal Regulations Title 24

Part 1 – Nondiscrimination
Part 5
: General Provisions that apply to all assisted programs (definitions including Income and Deduction definitions, waivers, EIV, SSNs, elderly pet ownership, noncitizens)
Part 8:  Nondiscrimination Based on Handicap
Part 135:  Section 3
Part 700: Congregate Housing Services
Part 761: Drug Elimination Program
Part 902: Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) (scoring, frequency, indicators, remedies)
Part 903: PHA Plans (including deconcentration requirements)
Part 905: Public Housing Capital Fund Program
Part 906: Public Housing Homeownership
Part 908: Electronic Transmission of Family Data (50058s)
Part 943: PHA Consortia and Joint Ventures
Part 945: Public Housing Designated for Elderly, Disabled (approval process, allocation plans, general requirements)
Part 960: Admission/Occupancy of Public Housing (VAWA requirements, eligibility, admission targeting, selection criteria, denial for criminal activity, waiting lists, rent options, EID, re-exams, verifications, preferences, occupancy by over-income and police officers, community service, pet ownerships and assistance animals)
Part 963: Contracting with Resident-Owned Businesses
Part 964: Tenant Participation in Public Housing
Part 965: Wage rate requirements, insurance,energy audits, metering,utility allowances, smoke detectors
Part 966: Lease and grievance procedures (lease and grievance requirements and prohibitions, posting requirements, reasonable accommodation)
Part 970: Public housing demo/dispo
Part 972: Conversion of Public Housing to Tenant-based Assistance
Part 982: Housing Choice Voucher Program (funding and apps, fiscal requirements, eligibility, targeting, waiting lists and preferences, lease up, portability, HQS, HAPs, program responsibility split, payment standards and rents, terminations, types of housing)
Part 983: Project-Based Section 8
Part 984: Family Self Sufficiency Program (both Public Housing and Section 8)
Part 985: Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) (HCV Program)
Part 990: Operating Subsidy (Public Housing)

7 CFR Part 3560 – Rural Development Multifamily Housing (Section 515) Regulations

Fair Housing Laws        Section 504       Americans with Disabilities Act

Federal Housing Tax Credit Regulations (LIHTC)

        Relevant IRS Rulings

  • Revenue Ruling 90-60 – Recapture Bonds
  • Revenue Ruling 90-89 – Minimum Set-Aside Requirements
  • Revenue Ruling 91-38 – Low Income Housing Credit Questions and Answers
  • Revenue Ruling 92-61 – Treatment of Resident Manager’s Unit
  • Revenue Ruling 94-57 – Changes in Area Median Gross Income
  • Revenue Ruling 95-49 – Tenant Right of First Refusal
  • Revenue Ruling 96-35 – FEMA Grants and Loans
  • Revenue Ruling 97-4 – Clarification of Section 502(e)(3) Transitional Relief
  • Revenue Ruling 98-47 – Tax-Exempt Bond Ruling on Assisted Living
  • Revenue Ruling 98-49 – Effect of SRO and Shelter Plus Care Payments on Eligible Basis
  • Revenue Ruling 2002-65 – Eligible Basis Reduced by Federal Grants
  • Revenue Ruling 2004-82 – Answering 12 Questions about Low-Income Housing
  • Revenue Procedure 92-31 – State Agency Credit Carryover
  • Revenue Procedure 94-57 – Gross Rent Floor
  • Revenue Procedure 94-64 – Waiver of Annual Income Recertification
  • Revenue Procedure 94-65 – Documentation of Income from Assets
  • Revenue Procedure 95-28 – Relief for Projects in Disaster Areas
  • Revenue Procedure 96-32 – Safe Harbor Designations: Charitable Organizations
  • Revenue Procedure 99-11 – Alternative to Surety Bonds
  • Revenue Procedure 2003-82 – Safe Harbor Designations: Occupant Income
  • Revenue Procedure 2005-37 – Safe Harbor to Comply with Evictions and Rent Increases
  • Revenue Procedure 2007-54 – Temporary Relief for Properties in Major Disaster Areas
  • Notice 88-90 – Income Determination
  • Notice 88-91 – Definition of a Building
  • Notice 88-116 – Placement in Service
  • Notice 2002-64 – New Markets in Tax Credit

Hatch Act (regarding government employees and political activities)

Uniform Relocation Assistance Act

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

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