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Scholarship Program Guidelines

1. Purpose and Scope

It is intended that these guidelines cover the operations of the Carolinas Council Scholarship program. It is through this program that the Carolinas Council shall make available scholarship funding for the purpose of supporting and fostering the educational pursuits of deserving residents of assisted housing being administered or managed by a Public Housing Authority. It is recognized that this endeavor directly supports the shared objective of enhancing the mobility and improvement of residents of assisted housing.

2. Funding Amounts

Annual funding for the Scholarship Program shall be established by the two scholarship committees through the Carolina Council budget process. The Scholarship Committees shall see additional and alternative sources of funding with the approval of the Executive Committee.

3. State Eligibility

Each dues paid Public Housing Authority shall be eligible for participation in the scholarship program provided the Public Housing Authority indicates its willingness to adhere to adopted program guidelines.

4. Student Eligibility

It is intent of the Scholarship Program to serve publicly assisted housing residents through member Public Housing Authorities. An eligible recipient must be an immediate member of a family who has resided in publicly assisted housing for a minimum of one uninterrupted year. The recipient must have occupied the home during this period.

5. Recipient Selection

  1. The following will be accomplished at a minimum by the Carolinas Council:
  2. Fully promote the availability of the program;
  3. Establish a system of administration which uses a group designated as a state level scholarship committee;
  4. Judges candidates on the basis of academic achievement GPA of 2.5 or higher, extracurricular activities, need, and education/career goals; and
  5. Does not discriminate in any way based on race, sex, age, or other factors not relevant to the basic program objectives.    

6. Funding Method, Reporting and Maintenance of Eligibility

  1. Carolinas Council funding shall be utilized to provide annual support for selected students.
  2. In order to maintain eligibility, a recipient must maintain a passing grade acceptable to the university, college, vocational/technical or business school in which the recipient is enrolled.
  3. Only recognized, accredited institutions of higher education may be utilized.
  4. It is suggested that Public Housing Authorities encourage candidates to apply for scholarships.
  5. Each Scholarship Committee shall submit a Request for Scholarship Funding to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Carolinas Council. This shall normally be approximately 60 days prior to the commencement of Fall classes. The Scholarship Committee shall provide in this request a certification that a direct payment program through a named institution is or will be put in place (such arrangements are easily established with student financial aid offices).

7. Naming a Scholarship in Honor or Memory

When a person is nominated to and approved by the Board of Directors to be honored by naming a scholarship for him or her that it is for a one year, one time scholarship and that it be from the state the nominee is from. Any special presentation of this scholarship at the annual meeting will be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

8. Publicity

Participating Public Housing Authorities shall agree to take appropriate steps to publicize the scholarship program at the local, state, and regional levels. Releases and programs reports shall be provided to the SERCulator and the Cornerstone Newsletter.


1. In order to qualify for payment of the scholarship, the applicant must enroll in a one, two or more year course at a school of higher learning (college, university, trade school, nursing school, etc.) and the funds will be disbursed by that school. The funds may be used for tuition, books and/or room and board.

2. In the event the winner is not accepted at the designated school, or an acceptable alternate, or does not remain in school to utilize the full scholarship or part thereof, it or the remaining portion will be offered to the first runner-up and succeed down the line. 


1. All required information shall be submitted in original with one (1) copy.

2. All required information may be handwritten or typed.

3. The following information material is required:

  1. One letter from a school official, and may be from one of the following: 1) principal, 2) teacher and 3) guidance counselor.
  2. One letter from the sponsoring Housing Authority outlining their reasons for selecting the applicant to compete for a scholarship.
  3. Two letters from your minister, employer, youth director, coach, or professional person such as a lawyer, businessman, etc. 
  4. Certified copy of current transcript from your High School or College.
  5. An essay containing a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 200 words describing your ambitions and goals and what you would hope to contribute to society through your educational training. 
  6. One photograph of a the applicant (suitable for publication) NO PHOTOCOPIES
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