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Committee Descriptions

Each Committee shall present a report of the activities to the membership at each board meeting. 

Annual Convention Committee

  • Determines future annual meeting sites, preferable two years in advance.
  • Develops agenda topics for conventions. 
  • Coordinate and confirm speakers for the agenda topics.
  • Finalize program themes and entertainment. 

Awards & Entertainment Committee

  • Evaluates Human Service Award applications for recognition.
  • Coordinates entertainment and speakers for conferences.

Commissioners Support Services & Commissioners Committee

  • Coordinates the Commissioners Conference.
  • Coordinates training for commissioners at all applicable conferences.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee


Exhibitors Committee

  • Coordinates with exhibitors on conferences.
  • Acts as a liaison between exhibitors and board.

Exhibitors Representative Committee

  • Represents the exhibitors at committee/board meetings.
  • Coordinates with exhibitors related sponsorship opportunities.

Legislative & Legal Committee

  • Informs board/committees of new or changes in applicable laws or cases.
  • Acts as a liaison between CCHRCO and applicable legislators.

Maintenance Committee

  • Identifies training needs for maintenance personnel.
  • Coordinates maintenance training for conferences.

Membership Committee

  • Process all membership applications.

Nominating Committee 

  • Nominates individuals for positions on the board/committees.

Public Information Committee

  • Coordinates with media to release information.
  • Maintains social media sites.

Resolutions Committee

Scholarships Committee

  • Distribute, collect, and evaluate scholarship applications.
  • Coordinate with board and treasurer to award scholarships.

Small Agency Task Force Committee

  • Represents small agencies in board/committee meetings.
  • Coordinates possible training opportunities for small agencies.
  • Informs board/committees no possible changes that affect small agencies.

Program & Professional Development Committee

  • Identify training needs for all levels.
  • Communicate with other committee members on training needs.
  • Develop training agendas for conferences.

Consolidated Purchasing Consortium Committee

  • Administer the CPC site.
  • Coordinate contracting for CPC.


  • Maintain historical data for CCHRCO.

Information Technology Committee

  • Maintain CCHRCO website.
  • Work with Public Information with Social Media.

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Committee

Scholarship Trust Fund Committee

Emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee

  • Works with agencies with needs related to emergency disasters.
  • Identifies areas for agencies to prepare for disasters.
  • Disseminates information regarding potential disasters and possible resource