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What Home Means to Me Poster Contest Winner - 2nd Place Elementary School


"What Home Means to Me Poster Contest"

2nd Place - Elementary School

Alayzian Turner

Congratulations Alayzian Turner of Kinston Housing Authority, YOU are CCHRCO's 2nd Place Winner in the Elementary School Category of it's 2020 "What Home Means to Me Poster Contest". Please join us in congratulating Alayzian Turner on this achievement and for a job well done.

2nd  Place - Elementary School - Alazian Turner - Kinston HA.jpg

"What home means to me, is that family can get together, I can relax, have a family BBQ with water balloons, I can listen to music outside with friends and dance, play with friends, ride bikes, and get to talk to new people." -by Alayzian Turner

WHAT HOME MEANS TO ME - Poster Contest

The annual "What Home Means to Me" poster contest is part of NAHRO Housing America's campaign to inform the public and decision-makers about the need to meet the country's affordable housing and community development challenges. Posters are first judged at the local level and winners are sent to the next level, Carolinas Council of Housing Redevelopment and Codes Officials (CCHRCO). The winning posters from that round go on to compete at the regional level, through the Southeastern Regional Council of NAHRO. The SERC-NAHRO regional winners are then sent to the national level to be judged. NAHRO then selects 13 winning posters from submissions throughout the United States. Selected posters appear in the "What Homes Means to Me" calendar and the artists receive gift cards as recognition for their efforts.

Contest participation is open to all children in grades K-12 residing in affordable housing assisted directly, supported under community development, or participants in affordable housing programs administered by a NAHRO member authority (i.e., public or Section 8-assisted housing CDBG, HOME, LIHTC).

CCHRCO selects a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner for each category: 

  • Elementary (K to 5th),
  • Middle School (6th to 8th) and
  • High School (9th to 12th)




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