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Professional Development Opportunities

Development Finance Toolbox

January 23-25, 2023 - Online

9:00 am-2:30 pm 

Course Cost: $360

How do local governments use public-private partnerships for development? What finance tools are available to local governments to revitalize Main Street? North Carolina communities can select from a wide array of financing tools in their efforts to attract and grow businesses, improve real estate, and build community assets. In order to select the right approach for your development project, it helps to understand the options. 

Participants in this course will learn the basics of development finance tools used by North Carolina local governments to achieve their community and economic development goals. 

Development Finance Toolbox Calendar Link

Development Finance Toolbox Course Information


Community Development Academy

March 21- April 20, 2023

Chapel Hill

Course Cost: $915

Community development practitioners will benefit from this intensive course, which is designed for community development practitioners and covers the concepts, methods, and strategies of community economic development. The course provides practitioners with perspectives and practical skills surrounding community development in North Carolina.

Community Development Academy Calendar Link

Community Development Academy Course Information

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